Hi there, and a very warm welcome to my blog.
My name is Milla. I am a young female, professional (CA) SA in corporate South Africa (JHB). 
I capture my experiences in the world of work, my everyday style, weekend steeze, some travel, food, fun and fitness. Hope you enjoy viewing life through my eyes!
So here goes my little rant...

So here goes my little rant...

I didn't want to write on this platform because for the last two months or so - I have been experiencing various levels of anger....Being an emotional being is sometimes my greatest asset and often times - my largest liability! A bit of impatience coupled with my short fuse are never a good combo. One thing about this combo though - is that I am that person who gets sh*t done!

Back to anger - I have been angry about crappy service (because I do my job to the best of my ability - I simply expect others to do the same, especially if they get out of bed in the morning to show up to work), I have been angry about politics, black tax, how I couldn't find the car I was looking for, how those random guys at traffic lights just throw soapy sh*t on your windshield without your consent,  even though it was clean and you pleaded with them not to (yes, robots for South Africans), I have been angry about disloyal "friends" (cos clearly if you're not loyal then you aren't actually a true friend), I have been angry about people who claim titles in my life but never make the effort to actually even see me or catch up with me (I feel like I am always that person reaching out), I have been angry about racism, my blood boils when I think of the recent taxi driver rapes reported (I hope they rot to death), I have been angry at the price of petrol, people who don't keep to their word, angry at myself for having one too many drinks at that dinner and waking up with a major hangover (I ain't that young anymore!), angry at people telling me how I should live my life, angry at the hairdresser who thought it fitting to bleach my hair to a yellow colour and ruin my curls even though I asked for a dark brown ombre and even showed him a picture - even angrier that I fell for some BS "your follicles will be damaged if I blow dry it after colouring so I will leave it to dry naturally" only for me to find out that I could only see the real colour when it was dry - so he lied, but MOST of all, I have been angered by the amount of xenophobic attacks this country has seen in the last few years - more so, the last few months.

My mother is Mozambican - in fact, my entire biological family is. I was birthed here and shipped off to be raised by my grandparents in a small town in Maputo where I had my best years of my childhood before I came back to SA to start schooling...

Isn't it so F*cking sad. That when I came here, I witnessed the end of a long and vicious struggle to end a regime that oppressed this nation based on their skin colour. But years later, some of those very "free citizens" are now turning against each other, degrading each other's "blackness" because apparently - if you are not South African, you are not good enough to live freely in this country. How sad...that the very same principle we fought so hard to achieve (equality for all) is now what some South Africans are dragging through the mud...the saddest part is, so many South Africans took refuge in all these neighbouring countries during the apartheid regime - Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique, etc. And now, these people are not welcome in South Africa?!

I would like to think that a lot of these incidents were inflicted by ignorant people. By lazy people. By entitled people. But truth be told, I have encountered discrimination in so many forms through even some of the smartest people I have met in this day and age (yes, 2017 and people are still out there being archaic) ...Sometimes it is even so subtle, it actually only hits me later. Like the one time I braided my hair - and I was asked by a white man at work "but why did you do this to your hair when you already have such a nice strand?" Really? Like my straight hair is superior to braids, or my natural curls or something. What does that say about what they are thinking about non-whites? (I'll leave that to you to decide) or how about the time I was told by a superior at work (after I decided I wanted to resign because the hours were literally leading me to a nervous breakdown and I felt I had little support and coaching in the role) "Women hey, you can't get anything out of them once they turn 30" hmmmm...subtle discrimination. I guess I should be thankful that this kind does not act on it, unlike the xenophobes out there...

Still, it angers me so much. Knowing that my people (and others) are being treated like sh*t in this country.  We are African, even before we are South African, Capetonian, Zulu, or similarly - we are African before we are Malawian or Swahili, etc. Why can some not simply just live and let live?! This continent, and this country has been through so much already, but even more so - we have overcome so much. We have succeeded in so many feats - the development, the talent, the innovation, the possibility. I wish there was enough space on this page for me to write an extensive list of all the amazing minds, ideas, products and innovations that have come out of Africa but again, I will leave that for you to look up :-)

My fellow South Africans (especially women - the creators), I hope this reaches at least one person whose mind will be open to the fact that as Africans (and basically just as humans actually) - we are no more, and no less than each other. Irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, class or any other factor you may think of. God created us all equal. Live in love. Walk in love. Love strives for peace and equality. As I reflect on our amazing country (and yes, I am South African since I was born here and got the papers to prove it lol), the diversity of the people in it, the rich culture all of this diversity brings and our economic interactions with the rest of Africa - I am ending this post off with far less anger (writing sure is therapeutic!), in the hope that we become the South Africa our ancestors fought for and not a civilisation that creates conflict over petty things like "you are not South African", after all - we have far bigger social and economic issues to deal with today. You need a job - create your own or go looking for one. What good is looting a store belonging to a "foreigner" (the way I detest this term!!!) going to do?!

I think it's best I stop writing so I don't get angry all over again (this is my super power and biggest flaw by the way - I experience everything all over again as I recall it). In aid of promoting "Pan-Africanism" I took some shots with the beautiful capulanas (used as head wraps) my aunt sent me from Mozambique. I occasionally like my hair straight (rarely though), I especially love wearing my hair curly, BUT I wear my head wraps with the greatest of pride! I even wear them to work often... After all, freedom of expression is a human right - and I often express myself in my style. Notice how I play around with the same accessories :) Enjoy! This look book is to follow soon.