Hi there, and a very warm welcome to my blog.
My name is Milla. I am a young female, professional (CA) SA in corporate South Africa (JHB). 
I capture my experiences in the world of work, my everyday style, weekend steeze, some travel, food, fun and fitness. Hope you enjoy viewing life through my eyes!
Happy 2018*

Happy 2018*

There truly is something refreshing about starting the new year - a sense of purpose, a sense of invigoration and the idea of starting on a clean slate. There usually 2 types of people -  either you like setting resolutions or you laugh and judge the people who do - either way, I hope you set goals for yourself - every day! Goals are far more definitive than resolutions - after all, a resolution is simply deciding/resolving to do something, the real work comes in breaking those down to particular goals and working on those little tasks every day that get you to completing those goals...I am sure you have all heard of how all goals should be SMART:

S - Specific (what exactly is it that you want to achieve, what does this outcome look like)

M - Measurable (by when, or how will I know I know I have reached it, define the unit of measurement)

A - Achievable (realistically - the how of you doing it, what are those tasks you can do on a daily basis and how much of it is required to get to your goal - these need to be realistic steps)

R - Relevant (your tasks need to add up to the sum of the goal you set - being an aeronautical scientist for NASA in 12 months and building a rocket ship when you are an accountant on a daily working towards a promotion isn't quite relevant to your skill, know what I mean?!)

T - Time bound (milestones, what by when, dates, etc)

I set one resolution every year: simply to be a better version of me. This might sound cliché to some, but it really allows me to hone in on certain things. I know my biological make up quite well by now, the things that really get my heart racing, so I simply set targets in terms of these: more knowledge, more application of it, more of speaking my mother tongue (Portuguese), more imparting knowledge and skills to someone who needs it (coaching), more health (of the body, brain and mind), more wealth (experiences, travel, investing). So in wanting more, I open myself up to the opportunities that create more. I got to study something I never even considered venturing into last year, I opened myself up to love, one more time - even though I wanted to never date again, I also took a huge step in adulating (which I will share with you in weeks to come), ultimately, I got more than I "resolved" to do. 

So I leave you with this: visualise - be it writing your goals down or a vision board you can see every day, be open to everything your heart desires, grab every opportunity to reach those desires, be in the moment (mindfulness), don't be afraid to work hard, or should I rather say - don't be lazy!! And who knows - you might reach the end of 2018 having had your best year yet! Which is what I wish upon all my readers and followers.

Thank you for journeying with me thus far, I look forward to the next 11 months with you! Let's get it girl!!! Here's to a year of living up to the best version of you!