Hi there, and a very warm welcome to my blog.
My name is Milla. I am a young female, professional (CA) SA in corporate South Africa (JHB). 
I capture my experiences in the world of work, my everyday style, weekend steeze, some travel, food, fun and fitness. Hope you enjoy viewing life through my eyes!
So I have been wanting to host an event for quite some time now...

So I have been wanting to host an event for quite some time now...

I wasn't sure though what to make the event about...Eventually, some months ago - I figured it out. But someone close to me was ill and eventually passed away. And then there was getting back into work. Life, right....Anyway I am back in full swing now, taking one day at a time.

I started my blog because I see how some (not all) women around me lack confidence and sometimes knowledge and self-awareness unlike most of our male counterparts. I wanted women to become the best version of themselves as I too, strive to become the best version of myself. So I took it down to basics. I wanted to talk self awareness, body image and developing a presence and influence in your current role on Women's day. And one way to do so - is through impressions. Unfortunately as humans, we create a first impression of someone in seconds - solely based on how they look (you may not even be conscious of this, but we do!). And so I wanted to share how to create this first impression by looking good - because when we look good, we feel good, and we ultimately act good and are motivated to continue this positive cycle.

So I made it a "Frock Exchange" thinking it would be an interesting way of attracting people to attend (to be honest, I was scared shitless that no one, not even my close friends would attend - but we have to start somewhere right?). I opened with a motivational speech for all the women - reminding them just how beautiful and powerful they are, the exchanging of frocks was an ice breaker. Then my good friend who is also a make up artist pulled through to educate us on how to do make up appropriately for work. I spoke about body image, different body shapes, how there is no "perfect" body shape as society often depicts, and what is more flattering to wear for each shape, followed by an interesting Q and A session. With champers and food, it was really a lovely interactive event overall. A real treat, even for myself. I also learnt some valuable lessons...I love co-ordinating and organising events, but it isn't the simplest of tasks, especially with work, studies and life in general also taking place - not to mention the race I had earlier that day - but may I just add, I have been doing this race for like a decade now - and the energy this time around was an INCREDIBLE way to start my Women's Day - check out the Total Sport's Women's Day race, it takes place on the 9th annually. Regardless of some challenges, it was a success, and first of many that I have up my sleeve which I hope will attract large audiences as we grow, build community amongst each other and empower each other.

A special shout out to Aura Cafe at the Signature Lux Hotel for their hospitality, our photographer - Earl du Preez, all the women who attended and participated as well as Essays Of Africa Magazine - our media partner. Please grab the Sept/Oct issue to see our feature in the social scene. Also - follow my Facebook page to see all the pics that were taken.