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And so my birthday came and went - what a blast!

And so my birthday came and went - what a blast!

When I was a kid, I used to think - 30 year olds and older are so old gosh! In my mind - those were real adults, they should have all their sh*t together. But the more I grew - the more I realised that some people grow old, but never really grow up. Having to be quite a "grown up" myself for the greater part of my childhood, I told myself that I wanted to be young - you know, live life - enjoy all it has to offer, and only when I feel secure and stable enough would I think about committing to responsibilities like starting a family, regardless of those stupid pressures society places on 30 year olds...

As my birthday week drew by, I indulged in a huge amount of reflection - but all of it literally centred around me being grateful more than any of those stupid notions I used to have growing up about turning 30. Yes, I am 30 years old now, I am childless and unmarried - but goodness, I am so FULL OF JOY! I couldn't have asked for a more fruitful life. Every challenge, every hurt (and there have been some really deep ones), every sacrifice, every tear, every laugh, every victory - it's as if it all culminated to that one moment when I stood in front of my closest family and friends at my birthday party. I took it all in, I soaked up that moment and it nearly brought me to tears, gosh I am so thankful... Thereafter - we had a blast! As I said in my so called speech on the night - "you have made me smile, and here's to more decades of smiles and creating new memories" after all, isn't that what life is about - spending time with your loved ones and making memories you will tell your grandkids some day.

My point is - it doesn't matter what people say or think, or what you though you should have achieved and been by now - live life your way, one day at a time, as long as you are happy with those choices and don't live with regret. Sometimes it takes cutting certain people or habits off - even though it is extremely painful at the time, it's definitely for your own good in the future. I stand here today marveled at how my life turned out, I am so grateful, I am a miracle and I choose to live each day hereon as if it were the last. That entails doing and giving my best in everything, being present ("mindful") in every single moment and somewhat unconventional to some (like having a savanna out a champagne glass) - doesn't matter, it's my life to live.

Thanks to everyone for making my little Sophiatown themed birthday a night I will never forget! I had such an incredible time OMG!!! I really felt like it was my birthday wow! Needless to say - I suffered hard the next day LOL. However, it literally fuelled me to continue working on my goals and creating the life I have always dreamt of, just like the dawn of a new year to some. Thank you for being a part of my life.

P.S. Some pics of the night for your perusal :)